Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Why am I up at 4:00 am?

School starts in just a couple of weeks and we have 10,000 students who need school supplies. So, I am up at 4:00 am trying to figure out where to get the money to buy these kids paper, pencils, crayons, markers, scissors, library books,...

My three year old son has no idea what I am trying to do. The other day I tried to explain it to him. I told him that some children did not have paper and pencils and stuff to do crafts and drawing with. So, I try to get these things to the kids. So, my son wants to know why their mummies and daddies don't buy stuff for their kids. I told him that not everyone had the money to buy things. A little while later, my son came to me with 3 coins his dad had given him the day before. He said that I could give his money to the mummies and daddies to buy stuff for their children.

I wish my son's sentiments could indeed translate into supplies for all the kids who need them. Maybe, maybe...

PS: Happy Birthday, Neil Armstrong!

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