Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tips from a teacher

One of our teachers has had great success in getting donors to buy items for her classroom. I asked her to share her tips for success. She has very generously shared her advice:

From Ms Borg, Middle School Science Teacher, Massachusetts

My success on is a simple story. Once I registered, I told three people I knew well in our administration building. I knew they had connections with more people district- wide than I did. After I received my first shipment, SOS sent me an email that I could forward to friends and family. I added a personal note about the supplies I had already received and sent it to everyone I knew. Since then, it has been word of mouth. I tell people, "Guess what I did today!" I have helped two teachers register and walked other curious friends through the website. They are amazed by the response. Several friends have said they will shop through the website and my email has crossed at least five states that I know of and is still going.

I opened two boxes at school this week. Every time I open an email from SOS that says I have another shipment coming, I cry. When one of the administrative assistants saw all the supplies I had received from an anonymous donor, she immediately sent off a mass email to all the staff in the building. We have had an SOS explosion in Worcester, MA. Now, I am reaching out to my contacts on Facebook.

I think the most important thing I did was to be sincere. On my homepage, I wrote about the school and the students. I think donors want to know more than just how many students you have and what subject you teach. When I talk about SOS I am passionate because that is how I am about teaching. When people can hear and feel your emotions in your writing and your voice they will respond.

My students arrive on September 3. I am excited to show them all of the great things I have for them that were made possible through the support of donors. It isn't often that strangers give them things without expecting something in return.

Sometimes, it can be very frustrating as teacher, but in the end, it is all worth it.

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